Namaste Ravi

Some 2700 years ago, the Buddha said that "All things must pass." Even when we lose a loved one or close friend to the eternal, we don't seem to understand that we too will pass.  But we will. Hearing the news that the great musician, humanitarian, teacher, husband, father, grandfather, and pioneer, Ravi Shankar had abandoned his body and is now living with the Lord Sri Krsna, brought a new reality to the Buddha's teaching.  Even considering that our loss of George Harrison to Lord Krsna was a somber moment, Ravi's departure is a statement of finality.  While not many worldly people will think twice about his departure, it is important to consider his contribution to Lord Krsna's creation.

Ravi Shankar was born in 1912 to a Brahman caste family, the elite of India.  He was born in the ancient town of Benares.  While born in the highest class, he spent most of his life serving the lowest class, the so-called "untouchables."  He spent countless hours serving those in need.  While those activities went mostly unpublished in the West, his collaboration with George Harrison on the "Concert for Bangladesh" is our most common knowledge of his humanitarian activities.  George Harrison had always maintained that the concert was Ravi Shankars's idea.  This concert, the first by "mega" stars for a humanitarian effort, was at the time and still is an incredible success.

Ravi Shankar lived and promoted a life of peace and love.  While many may disagree, I maintain that the most important work Ravi Shankar did was bring his life and tradition to public eye of the West.  He taught us that we, the family of man, are all one.  We should live in peace and harmony.  We should help those that need our help, not kill.  This theme resonated wildly in the 60's but has lost its luster.  There is no doubt that Ravi Shankar is pleading to God on our behalf.  He loved us and still does.  It was time for Ravi to leave us, as only Krsna knows.  George Harrison wrote and sang, "All Things Must Pass," and they must.  Namaste Ravi, Namaste

article by Marlon Brock



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About Buckingham Music, Inc.

Originally from London, England, Buckingham Music founder Peter Cutchey played sitar for over 29 years and was involved in the music business for 44 years. He played professionally live, was a session bassist and was instrumental in design and marketing with prominent musical companies.

Peter said  "In 1967, I started to play Indian pieces on my bass, eventually realizing that I needed the right instrument in order to begin to properly express the feelings that were gently clamoring inside me. So in 1972 I sold my '62 Fender Jazz Bass, bought my first Sitar, and quickly realized that this ancient, instrument fascinated me beyond anything I had experienced before.

When I arrived in America I had no way of bringing my sitar with me as I had no case for it. I looked for a quality sitar at a reasonable price, stooging around music shops in several cities before eventually realizing that I was unlikely to find what I needed.
Thinking that perhaps people who wish to play Sitar were placed in the same predicament I had been, I formed a small business to attempt to satisfy this need.
Finding that many other instruments were in demand the range has now been extended to include those that you see on the sidebar."

"It is my intention to provide the best quality Indian Instruments at reasonable prices so everyone can afford them. No 'Tourist-type' items are offered here." , Peter Cutchey.

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Our founder, Peter Cutchey, Austin, Texas "May Saraswati, goddess of Indian Music, be with you as you play".

Sitar, tabla, sarode, dilruba, tanpura, harmonium, sitar cases, strings, mezrab, electronic tanpura, swarmandal, video tutorials, teaching books and more... Buckingham Music, Inc. imports and provides musical instruments and accessories from India as well as creating original writings and on-line tutorials about Indian music and the instruments. We have over 330 pages here for you to explore. E-mail or phone us with your questions.

About tweaking: We inspect and tweak (adjust) every instrument that comes to us before selling it. We are one of the few who don't ship "boxes in and boxes out" or drop ship directly from an importer. All Indian instruments need inspecting/adjusting before shipping to work properly and be at their best. This is a little more expensive but we're quite sure it's needed as our customers have told us this and we haven't yet found one instrument in the lower grades that didn't need some work. See also Testimonials sent to us. A public comment from a very well-known figure: "I cannot understand how many instrument dealers can sell their instruments and not put any effort into tweaking the instruments to feel and sound their best."... Ashwin Batish.

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