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Lyon Leifer pictured during 2006 in Mumbai, India
CD and book: "How to play the Bansuri"
A manual for Self-Instruction, based on the teaching of DEVENDRA MURDESHWAR,
by Pandit Lyon Leifer,
plus the Audio CD also entitled "How to play the Bansuri".

A new book designed to offer a comprehensive beginning course in the technique of the north Indian keyless bamboo flute. Profusely illustrated with charts, exercises, photographs of playing positions, and decorative material, the manual will enable the student to learn authentic raga materials and methods of development, as taught by the master flutist and flutemaker, Shri Devendra Murdeshwar.

The manual explains fundamentals of a number of essential topics in Hindustani music. The scalar system, the concept of raga, microtonalism, the system of teaching and learning, and the instrument's history are all covered.
Students of the bansuri will, of course, find this book particularly useful. In addition, this manual will prove helpful to all flutists seeking to broaden their viewpoint and range of expression. Other students of Indian music may also find its viewpoint and method for teaching the music's performance highly useful. Jazz musicians will find in it an especially useful compendium of scales and scale patterns which can be put to use in various contexts. The available CD presents examples of all the major exercises and performed versions of all the compositions included here, as well as providing drone tambura and tabla accompaniment for the student's own practice.

About master musician and teacher Pdt. Lyon Leifer:

Pdt. Lyon Leifer began studying Indian music and bansuri in 1965, after obtaining a degree in flute from the Juilliard School and holding the second flute chair in the St. Louis Symphony.  In addition to Devendra Murdeshwar, his flute teachers have included Julius Baker, Walfrid Kujala and Emil Eck.  Pdt. Leifer resides in the Chicago area where he is an active performer and teacher of both Western and Indian classical music.  Appearances have taken him to venues ranging from New York's Lincoln Center to the hall of the Shanghai Symphony, with appearances in any number of places in-between.  His performances of raga music on the bansuri have been particularly welcomed by Indian audiences and by music critics of the Indian press. .

Lyon Leifer represents the approach to bansuri developed by Pannalal Ghosh and carried on by his principal disciple, the late Devendra Murdeshwar, who was Lyon Leifer's
guru from 1965 until his death in 2000.  Lyon Leifer's instructional manual for bansuri,  How to Play the Bansuri: A Manual for Self-instruction Based on the Teaching of Devendra Murdeshwar,  has won wide praise for clarity, enthusiasm and effectiveness at conveying both the technique and spirit of this vital and highly authentic approach.

Lyon Leifer has performed widely in India and additionally benefitted from personal contact with lessons from a wide range of India's finest Hindustani musicians of the 20th century.  In the course of numerous Fulbright, American Institute of Indian Studies' and other grants, he gained much from such now-departed luminaries as Pt. KG Ginde, Shri Gyan Prakash Ghosh, Ud. Yunus Hussein Khan, Shri Ramesh Nadkarni, and Ud. Amir Hussein Khan, as well as from the very much alive Smt. Girija Devi. More recently, Lyon Leifer has been learning from the doyen of Gwalior Gharana, Pt. LK Pandit and from Shri Nayan Ghosh.  Lyon Leifer's critically acclaimed performances throughout India date from 1965 to the present.  Based in his native Chicago and performing on a bansuri he made himself (pictured above),  he is available for performances and teaches bansuri to select students.  He also maintains a discography of high quality digital recordings of his own and of his guru's performances, available on audio CDs.

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Sri Jeff Whittier
DVD and booklet: "Playing the Bansuri"
A manual for the North Indian Flute,
by Sri Jeff Whittier,

Playing the Bansuri, a clear tutorial book and video for those who already know something about Indian Music. Many questions that a beginner may ask are answered here, however for total beginners to Bansuri the Leifer tutorial is probably better, followed perhaps by this tutorial after the Leifer tutorial has been absorbed.

14 Lessons in the Music of the Hindustani Bamboo Flute - Basic lessons in Bansuri technique, North Indian music and notation, and including lessons in the ragas Hansadhwani, Bhupali, Alahiya Bilawal, Hindol, Kalavati, Khammaj, Misra Kafi, Patdeep, Madhuvanti, Kaushik Dhwani, and Yaman. Booklet gives notation for all the musical examples played on the 38 minute videotape, and includes many exercises for the development of bansuri technique. These lessons are for both beginning and intermediate students of Indian music, and will also be useful for those musicians who have a background in Western music and would like to explore Hindustani music. 

About bansuriji and master craftsman Sri Jeff Whittier:

About Sri Jeff Whittier, the expert maker: Jeff Whittier began his formal study of North Indian music in 1971 with G.S. Sachdev. He is an exponent of the Indian classical tradition called "Gayaki Ang" or the style of playing based on Hindustani vocal music. As well as being a noted performer of the bansuri, or bamboo flute, he is also a master craftsman of the instrument. In a 40-year career of flute-making he has provided flutes to some of the most famous musicians of India, including Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia who is the leading bamboo flautist of Hindustani music. His flutes are also used in the Broadway shows "The Lion King," "Aida," "The King and I" and "Miss Saigon".

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Book: "Learn to play on Flute", by Ram Avtar 'Vir".
Also covers Shahnai, Been and Piccolo.
Types of flute, ptich, handling, playing positions, notes, half notes, flute lengths, exercises and much more. 48 pages.


Price: $8.00  

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