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Book: "A Focus on the Kaidas of Tabla" by David Courtney.
Volume Four in his "The Complete Reference for Tabla" series. This 2003 edition includes over 300 pages of kaidas...including Relas, Peshkar, Laggi, Gat, Gharanas and more!!
Price: Only $44.95!
Book: "Manufacture and Repair of Tabla" by David Courtney.
This is the third book in his "The Complete Reference for Tabla" series. This edition has 12 chapters and 5 appendixes covering craftsmen, metal, rawhide, wood, construction, tuning and repairs, and more - in over 200 pages of information!!
Price: Only $35.95!

CD and Book: "Learning Tabla" by David Courtney.
A CD and book set for beginners. Audio examples for book sections are on the CD including boles and much more!
Price: Only $22.00!

"TABLA GROOVE TAPES & CDS " by Ashwin Batish.

Tabla For Accompaniment or Practice
Available as CDs
Ashwin Batish presents 10 of the hottest rhythm cycles of North India in this unique collection that has been compiled especially for classical and folk music of North India and is an invaluable resourse for Jazz/World musicians and composers interested in jamming with Tabla grooves.

Rhythms featured are: Tintal-16 beats, Ek Tal-12 beats, Rupak-7 beats, Dadra-6 beats, Keharwa-8 beats, Jhaptal-10 beats, Jhumra-14 beats, Deepchandi-14 beats, Dhamar-14 beats, and Jaltital-16 beats.
Note: The complete CD collection has 10 CDs.

Tabla CDs

These CDs are a new addition to our collection. These are not mass produced CDs. Instead they are individually burned on our computer CDR system.

There are 10 CDs in all, one for each Tala. Each CD consists of the Theka in three different tempos - slow, medium and fast. Each track is 15 per tempo. In the case of Tintal and Ektal, we have included bonus tracks of the very slow theka.

  • Rupak Tal - 7 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7501CD ..............

  • Dadra Tal - 6 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7502CD ...............

  • Keharwa - 8 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7503CD .................

  • Dhamar Tal - 14 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7504CD .........

  • Ek Tal - 12 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7505CD ...................

  • Jhaptal - 10 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7506CD ..................

  • Deepchandi Tal - 14 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7507CD ..

  • Jaltital - 16 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7508CD ...................

  • Tintal - 16 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7509CD ....................

  • Jhumra Tal - 14 Beat Cycle Catalog# BR7510CD ..........

To order specify the tala and catalog number above. Each CD is $20. (S&H $5.00).

Full set of 10 CDs your cost is $15.00 per CD for a total of $180+S&H $10.00.

New! Book: "Advanced Theory of Tabla" by David Courtney.
This technical book is the long awaited sequel to "Fundamentals of Tabla". Covers Timbre, Timekeeping, Lay (Tempo), Layakari, Compositional Theory and much more!
Price: $34.95

Book: "Fundamentals of Tabla" by David Courtney Phd.
Will take the student of Tabla from being a total beginner to a fairly advanced level of knowledge. Large format, 294 pages, many illustrations and charts. A truly great resource. Available in NTSC and PAL.
Price: $34.95

Now in DVD: "Introduction to Tabla" Part 1 by Ashwin Batish
Ideal for beginners - among topics explained are: Care of Tablas, Tuning, right and left hand positions and much more... a video that delivers many tabla answers.
Price: $59.95

Now in DVD: "Introduction to Tabla" Part 2 by Ashwin Batish
Tabla Bols, Dagga bols, Rhythm/beat Combinations, Time Signatures, and more.
Price: $59.95

Book: "Learn to play on tabla" two book set by Ram Avtar Vir. Printed in India. Price is for both books.
A rich source for tabla beginners and students...
Price: $22.00

Please note: shipping for up to one pound is normally $7.50. This includes most videos and books. Multiples, for example one video and one book, can often be shipped in the same package within the one pound weight.

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