About the Israj:

Both Dilruba and Israj are very similar indian classical instruments and share the same roots with sarangi, but they are more recent (19th century).

The instruments have necks similar to sitar, but smaller, with sitar frets and sympathetic strings. The bridge is seated on a skin stretched over the body of the israj.

Most Dilrubas and Israjs have 4 steel/bronze playing strings and 11-15 sympathetic strings. They are both played with a violin bow, or a Sarangi bow (with convex tension) held in the right hand..



  • 19 nickel silver frets.
  • 4 main strings.
  • 16 tarraf (sympathetic) strings.
  • Israj is carefully inspected, cleaned and tweaked to ensure your instrument is in the best condition.
  • Israj is signed and dated after tweaking.
  • With hard shell case and traditional Indian Israj bow.
  • Price of Israj is $725 plus $50.00 packing, insurance and shipping.




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