The history of the Sarod was originally a primitive tribal instrument. The great sarod virtuoso Baba Alauddin Khan greatly refined this instrument, bringing the sarod into its modern configuration by adding many different features. He then taught his son, Ali Akbar Khan, sarod at the same time as he was teaching Ravi Shankar to play sitar.

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Ali Akbar's eldest son, Aashish Khan, continues the family tradition of Sarodji, being a very gifted sarod virtuoso.
Photo of Aashish Khan with Sarod by Peter Cutchey, Austin, TX, 1999.

Student Sarod

Student Sarod

Price of sarod complete with hard shell case and one fully finished sarod pick (jaba) made from coconut shell is $759.00 



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Spare fully-finished professional sarod pick (jaba)
2 Pak $20
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Rikhi Ram Concert Grade Professional Sarod

Hard to find!

The name and the pictures say all that is necessary.  Please contact Paula for details.  Only one in stock at this time.

This sarod comes with a fiberglass heavy duty case.

$1890 plus $100 US Shipping.  See Order page for international shipping.

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